Portland Powerchutes was founded in 1996 by Bud Simpson. Our commitment to our customers is to be the premier provider of unbiased information on Powered Parachuting. We also supply equipment and products and offer a Solo Flight Program for would-be pilots.

I started flying in 1976 in the Air Force Aero Club. After 9 years and a lot of dollars I became a licensed private pilot. I soon found that driving around in a small plane was not really what I had in mind for flying. It's safer, faster and cheaper to fly commercial.

I owned a two seat Ultralight for a couple of years and it was much closer to the type of flying I wanted to do. Still, I had to keep my plane at an airport, as well as deal with the extra expense and hassle that go along with flying from an airport. Even though my plane had been advertised as being portable, in reality no plane is portable if it has a ridged wing as they are very hard to transport without damage.

What I wanted was an affordable aircraft that I could keep at home, take to any farm field and fly, then pack it up and go home without anyone's help. When I discovered Powered Parachutes, I knew that this was what I had been looking for.

There is no doubt in my mind that a Powerchute is the most affordable and easily operated aircraft in the world. More importantly, it is also the safest.

I am certain that the Powered Parachute will someday be known as the Aerial Recreational Vehicle (ARV) of the aviation industry.

Bud Simpson - President of Portland Powerchutes


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